Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Plastic fabrication of Prabhakaran's death

A plastic fabrication artist called Lasantha Rajasinghe was involved in the "Praba killed drama" according to the news going around in Colombo.

People all over world are anxiously waiting to see the body of Soosai the head of LTTE’s naval force. The official website of the Ministry of Defense of Srilanka, reported : LTTE's sea tiger wing leader Soosai's bullet ridden body has been found by troops this evening. According to the defence sources, army commandos engaged in search and clear operations in the marshy land in Karayamullavaikkal have made this finding.
More information will follow...
. Let us wait for more information.


Meanwhile it is reported that the Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian Mr.S.Kanagaretnam who was trapped in Vanni during the recent military operation launched by the Sri Lanka Army, is missing.

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