Saturday, 2 July 2011

டெனிஸ் நகைச்சுவைகள்

Monday is very longer than Sunday for Sania Mizra

Why should you never fall in love with a tennis player?
To them, "Love" means nothing.

Q: Why are fish never good tennis players?
A: They don't like getting close to the net.
Nothing is better than a nice stroke when it is itchy!

A boy went up to his tennis coach & said " I need a new racquet, this one's really busted up".
The Coach said "yeah, that racquet's got more chips in it than Mcdonalds".

Q. Where is the first tennis match mentioned in the Bible?
A. When Joseph served in Pharaoh's court.

Q. What do you serve but never eat?
A. A Tennis ball.

அனா கோனிக்காவ் ஒரு காலத்தில் பிரபலமான டெனிஸ் விளையாட்டுக்காரர். அவர் விளையாடி உழைத்த பணத்திலும் பார்க்க விளம்பரத்தில் உழைத்த பணம் அதிகம். இப்படித்தான் உழைத்தாரா?

which girl's always in the middle of a tennis court?

Q. What do you call a tennis player who has the head of a hen and the body of a man?
A. A grotesque aberration against nature!

What tennis player likes eggs?
Maria Sharap-ova (ova is Latin for egg)!

Who is the richest tennis player?
Pat Cash (money)

Which tennis player has wind?
Andre Agassi (a gassy)

Why is tennis so difficult for people with two hands?
Because you need a good fore(four)hand(s).
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