Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Some doubts over the dead body of Prabhaharan

Prabhaharan was killed again - 16th time. The state media of Srilanka reported with the photo of his dead body. However there are some doubts over this report:

You can see a photo of Praba taken on 26th November 2004 above and the photo published by the Srilankan state media today(19/05/2009). How he became younger over 4 years?

How he lost his wrinkles?

Hove you ever seen a dead body?
Have you ever seen a dead body with clear eyes like this?

Have you ever seen a dead body of a man killed in action? How the face of a man killed in action with severe pain look like these?

Prabakaran was under 24 hours siege for the lase few weeks. Has he got time for a clean shave?
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